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Indonesian - Thai

Bali Thai is the first restaurant brand that we conceived. The concept was designed to house perennial favourites of both Indonesian and Thai cuisines under one roof. Unlike fusion restaurants where different cuisines are merged into totally new dishes, Bali Thai serves popular delights from Thailand and Bali, Indonesia including the famous “Crispy Whole Fish with Thai Chilli Sauce", “Combi Bakar" and “Tauhu Telur". Bali Thai restaurants are furnished in a casual, modern feel to offer a cosy ambience to our patrons. In Beijing, the foods served in our Bali Thai restaurants are fine-tuned to the tastes of the local Chinese market.

Restaurant Note

Please note that for Phase 2, social distancing measures are still in place, and restaurant dine-in reservations are limited to a maximum of 5 persons per table.

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Bali Thai (Causeway Point)

  • 1 Woodlands Square, #05 05, Causeway Point | Map
  • +65 68941363

Restaurant Details

  • Daily 11.30am – 10.00pm
  • Casual
  • Casual

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